Mair Rajputs

The Mair Rajputs of Punjab

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The Rajputs of medieval India were comprised of several tribes, known for their valor and chivalry in battle. For centuries, they were India's first line of defense against invaders. One of these tribes was the Mair Rajputs.

1. Introduction and Current Status of Research Updated!
2. Rajput Origins and Traditions
3. Rajputs and Social Structure of Ancient India
4. The Mair Rajputs Today
5. Mair Rajput History
6. The Tank Tribe
7. Mair Rajput Gothras (Family Names)
8. Notable Mair Rajput Gothras
9. More Clues and Other Issues
10. Conclusions
11. Works Cited
12. The Dasaur (Desor) Family

13. Remaining Tasks for Mair Rajputs
14. Rajput Websites on the Internet

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