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Remaining Tasks for Mair Rajputs

This web site is only the beginning. More research must be done to confirm the findings that I have documented. Mair Rajputs must become motivated to do this. No, you will not gain anything financially by doing this. No, you will not gain any fame by doing this. But there are more important things in life than the pursuit of money and fame. Passing on your heritage to future generations is a more worthwhile goal. Your children will forget how much money you leave them. However, they will never forget what they are if you leave them with the gift of their ancestors' origins.

I suggest collecting funds as soon as possible so that proper research is conducted in India at the university level on this subject. The Mair Rajput associations will have to help in this regard. This cannot be the effort of one individual only.

It is time that Mairs question the "scholars" in India who write that our claims are unjustified. It is time that Mairs take advantage of the modern Information Age and assemble their complete history. Otherwise, the tremendous sacrifices that the ancient Mairs made while defending India and Sanatana Dharma will be forgotten.

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