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Introduction and Current Status of Research


I am interested in Mair Rajput history because I want to know the origins of my tribe and family. Before my research, no Mair Rajput was able to give me a comprehensive history of Mair Rajputs. I eventually decided to fill that void.

Over a time period spanning 12 years, I have gathered information, drawn connections, and written the material that is found on this home page. Although I do want this information to be given to as many Mair Rajputs, please remember to give credit where credit is due. The contents of this entire website are copyrighted and I need to provide my permission before you use any material for your own website. I have not achieved any material gains by conducting this research. I only have the satisfaction that fellow Mair Rajputs will come across this page and learn something of themselves and their origins.

If the Mairs had retained knowledge of their ancient history, there would be no cause for concern today. Instead, Mair Rajputs have no concrete historical records or stories of their origins. I have found myself searching the past in order to confirm the Rajput name that is attached to the "Mair Rajput" tribe. Over time, knowledge of our heritage and our history will not survive unless certain precautions are taken. The most important thing to do would be to assemble a comprehensive history of the Mair Rajputs as soon as possible. The information on this web site can be used as the basis for further research in India, the only place where extensive historical sources will be found. In the end, this work cannot be done by only one person. If you are interested in advancing this work, feel free to contact me. I suppose my greatest disappointment over the years has been the lack of any Mair Rajputs who have volunteered and actually done something concrete for this cause. Many people will give lip service and pat you on the back for the work that you have done. But when it comes time to deliver results and to do work, no one shows up.

Mair Rajput Associations have to be put to much better use. Their primary concern is matchmaking and they have little knowledge of Mair Rajput history. These associations found in various cities also operate independently of each other and are not networked. This has severely limited the flow of information. These associations must learn to interact with each other.

In researching Mair Rajput origins, I have not been motivated by some ridiculous notion of having noble blood or being of higher status than the next person. Instead, I want to compile information on our heritage so that it will be available to future generations. I also am not interested in encouraging casteism. (Refer to Social Structure section for more information.)

If someday we prove our Rajput origins without a doubt to the critics, that will not mean that Mairs should sit back and gain a superiority complex. Rather, we will have to work hard to make ourselves worthy of the Rajput name. Humility to all should be our trademark. If we perform actions worthy of Rajputs, only then will we be worthy of attaching the Rajput name to our heritage. Otherwise, "Mair Rajput" will only be a hollow-sounding name with no meaning.

Also keep in mind that Rajputs were tortured, maimed, and killed because they defended India from the hands of Islamic invaders. Any decent history book on India will speak of the horrors that Rajputs endured when they refused to abandon their ancestral faith (Hindu/Sikh dharma) by refusing to convert to Islam. My reasons for saying this? Honor the memory of those valiant Rajput warriors. Defend what is right. Learn about and then stand up for Hindu/Sikh dharma. These were qualities of Rajputs. We do not deserve to call ourselves Rajputs if we do not follow the above.

Much more material on Mair Rajputs is waiting to be discovered in India. I have done as much as I can, searching university libraries in the USA for relevant books. Because my fluency in written Hindi is limited, I have used only English sources. The main problem with the English alphabet is that it is not phonetic. A word transliterated from its native Sanskrit/Hindi/Punjabi origins can be written in several different ways using the English alphabet. I have done my best to confirm the accuracy of my findings. In doing so, I have gathered a critical mass of information. Now it is up to the rest of the Mair Rajputs to contribute as much as they can to the understanding of our history and origins.

As always, I would appreciate any additional information that readers may come across on this subject. My e-mail address is ( and I welcome any and all constructive input.

I would like to express my gratitude to my family for their support and to those individuals who have sent me letters and e-mail, sharing their knowledge of the Mairs with me from around the world. This history, although incomplete, would not have been possible without the support of these people.

I also have a personal request. During my research, I came across references to many Mair Rajput gothras (goths), which I have documented in this paper. However, I have not come across much information regarding my gothra, which is Dasaur (Desor). Tod did mention an almost extinct branch of the Sisodia Rajputs named Dosaud, but I am far from verifying that name as being my gothra (i.71). If anyone comes across any information concerning Dasaurs, I would appreciate being contacted with it.

If we continue to work together in a spirit of cooperation and share all of our information, we will one day have a clear idea of what our heritage is and will be able to leave future generations a precious gift.

Rajesh K. Verma (Desor/Dasawar)
Texas, USA
August 1998 (Updated June 2010)

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