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Gogna Stone Inscriptions

Gogna Stone Inscriptions

Of the four pictures below, the first one is in Gurmukhi and the last three are in Urdu. The second stone is the most legible one, and its transliteration and translation are provided below.

Stone inscription above is in Gurmukhi, written in 1788 A.D. (Samvat 1845). Line-by-line transliteration:
Sammat (Samvat) 1845 mithi (means date)
Poh sujana peta feruia te
Parma peta Punjabe da goth
Gagane (Gognae) sunaar basi Rahon
De ne khooh laya pani peen lai"

"Sundar Shrimati Brahm Devi dharampatni (Shri Gogna) goth Kachwaha Rajput, Raho da, Samvat 1502, Bikrami 2011(?), Thakur Mathura Dass Gogna ne banaiya."
"[This temple in memory of] the beautiful Mrs. Brahm Devi, wife of Mr. Gogna, goth Kachwaha Rajput of Raho, Samvat 1502, built by Thakur Mathura Dass Gogna."

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